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Sokan provides business in Iran of all sizes a self-service advanced analytics platform that functions as a data-driven ‘marketing brain’ to allow for automation of smarter marketing & sales campaigns. Based in Silicon Tehran, Sokan is home to some of Iran’s best data engineers who specialize in machine learning and modern uses of data science technologies. The company is 100% committed to building an innovative product for Iranian marketers who are faced with very unique regional challenges.​​​​​​​


Sokan’s mission is to simplify decision making with the power of advanced analytics and the latest technology to help business managers make the right decision, at the right time, and with the right data.​​​​​​​


To empower Iranian businesses with usable, accessible, and affordable analytics, to achieve informed and inspired results that directly impact revenue and returns.
Sokan was founded in 1398, as the B2B product of Sahab Pardaz, a technology company offering big data and artificial intelligence services tailored to the unique and challenging requirements of their clients. Based in Tehran, the company specializes in data science, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and machine learning. 
The company is 100% committed to building innovative products for Iranian businesses that are faced with their own very unique regional market challenges.


With the Customer
We look at our customers as partners.

We are growing steadily, trying to get a better product every day.

We believe in a loyal customer more than those who have a lot of money.

We share everything we are and everything we are not with our customers.
If you have a problem or question, we will solve it for you before you drop the phone.

Our values

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