Analytics Solutions for
​​​​​​​Retail Distribution

Retail distributors are always challenged with buying, stocking, and distributing the right products from consumer goods manufacturers which will have the best demand within retail stores.

As consumer preferences change, retail distributors are forced to keep up with the ever-changing customer expectations through different seasonal trends as well as different customer shopping behaviors.
Market conditions such as increased competition from manufacturers, retailers demanding faster delivery because of their online outlets, and costs rising because of higher fuel prices, is also forcing the retail distributors to be able to make faster and better decisions to adjust with the market. 

With Sokan’s data science solutions, a new realm of possibilities is created for retail distribution companies who can now tap into the wealth of information that their own database has to offer and drive their marketing, sales, and product-related decisions. That includes:​​​​​​​

Greater Customer insights​​​​

Customer Analytics solutions to help marketers segment their customers based upon their historical purchase behavior, allowing marketers to create more effective campaigns and distinguish their ROI across the different groups of customers. ​​​​​​​

Faster Measurement of Business Success​​​​​​​

KPI monitoring tools providing sophisticated but easy to understand data visualization tools, allowing business managers to gain quick data feedbacks on the performance of their tactics, helping them guide business with data-driven decisions​​​​​​​.

Coming Data Science Solutions​​​​​​​

A Product Roadmap consisting of various different data science solutions all intended to empower business managers with data-driven decision making including options for better smarter product assortment planning, more accurate demand forecasting, and much more.​​​​​​​

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