KPI Monitoring

Tracking your business performance with data doesn’t need to be complicated. Sokan offers a self-service panel that provides everything you need to monitor and visualize your business metrics.

To guide business with data-driven decisions, it’s important for access and understanding of data to be easy to understand and accessible. Sokan provides a simple, easy to understand dashboard that takes complex data and metrics and turns it into understandable visuals, helping an organization drive performance based upon data. 

KPI Dashboards Overview​​​​​​​

Spend less time collecting and sifting through data and more time visualizing scenarios and analyzing trends. Sokan provides an analytical tool that enables you to visualize how often a particular event occurred over time by plotting the event on a timeline. Further, Sokan allows you to plot two different KPIs over a single timeline, making it easier to discover opportunities hidden with your data.​​​​​​​

Trends Analysis​​​​​​​

Time Comparison Analysis​​​​​​​

Get quick insights on how your tactics are working with the capability to compare KPI performances from one period of time to another. With quick comparisons checks, business managers will be able to quickly improve and make changes to programs accordingly. 

Advanced Filtration Analysis​​​​​​​

View your data from a wealth of perspectives with advanced filtration options which will allow you to quickly drill down into analyzing your data for particular geographic areas, business channels, customer segments, and more.​​​​​​​

Easy Data Export Via CSV or PNG​​​​​​​

Easily export any series of data into a.CSV or any dashboards/graphics into a.PNG to be utilized in your own personal reports or advanced analysis scenarios.

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